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About Globiaa®

Globiaa Dispenser
The Globiaa is a stylish and innovative drinks dispenser...

The dispenser can hold all kinds of drinks and has a large refill opening so that ice and fruit can be added to the mix. Drinks can be dispensed through a button operated tap just below the globe-shaped container.

Perfect for Gifts

The Globiaa is ideal as a gift item and really practical. It can be used at most places at home such as kitchen, dinning area, lounges, home offices, home bars, bedrooms and it is very easy to use.

Party feature

Globiaa Drinks dispenser is a great central part to any party, whether it be a barbecue with the family and friends, birthday parties or other celebrations. With Globiaa you can help your guests start conversations and bring your party alive!

2 litre capacity plus integral handle

With a capacity of approximately 2 litres and some handy features including a non-drip tap, integral handle to lift the globe off it's stand, the Globiaa is a fun and stylish addition to any kitchen, bar, office, reception or event such as birthday parties, children's parties, family get togethers, buffets, barbeques etc.

Frosted appearance

The globe-shaped container of Globiaa, which is made of high-quality and food-safe plastic material, is textured to give a frosted appearance.

Who We Are?

Tony Anosike is the founder of Anosike Limited, the company behind the unique Globiaa.

I've always been interested in developing unique and stylish products, I was keen to come up with a good product idea. One day, as I was studying the map on my globe (atlas), it occurred to me that hollow globe can be used to achieve other functions such as liquid storage and dispensing.

Ideal for fruit juices, water, squash and other mixed drinks.

"With an opening large enough to take ice and fruit, this really is a product for every ocassion."
Mr Pete Williams (Devon)