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Corporate Branding
Gift Shops, Online Retailers and Supermarkets

If you are looking for a unique gift item, the Globiaa is a welcome alternative to some of the more common gifts on the market. With high quality build and design to match your brand reputation.

Corporate Branding and Gifts

This product can be branded to match your corporate style and colours. It can be printed on almost any face with pantone colour matching. The Globiaa can be branded to any style, which makes it ideal for corporate gifts, tailored to client requirements, or as a product that can be resold.

Hotels, Bars and Restaurants

Globiaa Drinks dispenser can add style to your hotel, bar or restaurant. In hotels, it can be used as room feature for serving drinks in rooms. For bars and restaurants, the Globiaa adds a unique and delightful character to your services.

2 litre capacity

The globe itself holds around 2 litres of fluid, with room for ice and fruit. Meaning that you can pre-load it with drink mixes, from summer fruit squash to alcoholic beverages such as Sangria or rum and coke!

Two ranges of Globiaa

Globiaa Drinks dispenser comes in two ranges: Frosted and Clear. In the frosted range, the globe-shaped container is textured to give a frosted appearance, and in the clear range, the container is clear. In both ranges, the globe-shaped container is made of high-quality and food-safe plastic material. The clear range will be available in autumn 2015. Take a peak of the clear globiaa on the image on the left of this page.

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